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A play in two acts

A slice of life piece, set in a park, where the central characters, a retired widower and an autistic park keeper, navigate the personalities and challenges of the park regulars. 

When tragedy strikes one of their own, how will they overcome their differences to bring hope to those who need it most?

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Best Male Monologues, 2021 Anthology - Smith & Kraus

(The Old Man's monologue from Sage)


"Not only was I fully engaged and moved along with so easily seeing it vividly in my mind but the exchanges, the beats, the build with moments of necessary release via humor, it also has something most authors will never be able to inject....a heartbeat."

~ Aaron Pyle ~

Production History

Copyright - March 2020 - Darrin Ingram

Reading (Virtual) - June 27, 2020 - Star-Ing Act Productions

Reading (Virtual) - March 23, 2021 - TheaterMakers Studio

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